4 simple recipe how to make tough meat in a soft and juicy

4 simple recipe how to make tough meat in a soft and juicy



Sometimes we are faced with the fact that we bought the meat is too stringy. After cooking, it gets hard and difficult to chew. In order not to be upset because of failed culinary delights, we have compiled a few simple recipes, how to make tough meat in a soft and juicy.

Recipe №1. Fruit

Cut into slices one of the fruits to choose from apple, pineapple, mango or pear. When cooking meat lay pieces of fruit — they give juice and meat becomes much more tender. It is based on this effect to all the well-known dish of pork with pineapple.

Recipe №2. Japanese

Prepare a marinade for meat. Mix the grated onion and grated apple, add the olive oil and a little sake. Leave the meat in the marinade overnight in the refrigerator. You will receive a tender and flavorful product.

Recipe №3. Unexpected

Get prepared for roasting meat and only 10 minutes immerse it in a container filled with Coca-Cola. Then remove it, slightly dry and fry with the addition of black pepper. The taste of the meat is delicious, and most importantly, and this recipe is suitable for fairly thick slices.

Recipe №4. Researcher

Meat — a protein product, and in order to make it softer, it is necessary to destroy the connection between the individual proteins. It is best suited for this effect of different acids.
It is enough to sustain 30 minutes the meat in lemon juice, and it will be much softer. At the same action based recipe with vinegar. Just soak the meat in vinegar is necessary for the whole night.

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