5 of the best dietary desserts without baking!

? 5 of the best dietary desserts without baking! ?

?1. Cottage cheese-chocolate cakes without baking?

? per 100 grams -117 kcal ? proteins -13 ? fats -5 ? carbohydrates -6 ?


• 200 g low-fat cottage cheese
• 2 tbsp. l. bran oatmeal and 1 tbsp. l. wheat
• 2 yolks
• skimmed milk 100 ml
• cocoa powder 35 g
• Vanillin, stevia to taste


Cut the bran in a coffee grinder into flour. Mix cottage cheese, bran and yolks. Gradually pour a little milk into the mixture until a paste-like mass is obtained, then add cocoa powder about 35 g and vanillin at the tip of the knife. From the resulting curd mass, cake the cakes and refrigerate for 1.5 hours.

?2. Low-calorie cream cake without baking: nothing superfluous — only good?

?For 100 gr — 194.32 kcal ? proteins — 4.91? fats — 4.68? carbohydrates — 35.52?

Very tasty and light dessert without baking with a delicate curd-yoghurt cream. The peculiarity of this dessert is a delicious and sweet base of fruits and dried fruits without the addition of butter and biscuits, harmful to the figure!

Ingredients :
The basis:
• apples 200 g
• oatmeal or whole grain cereal 180 g
• dried fruits (figs, dates) 100 g
• bananas 220 g
• soft creamy curd (fat-free) 500 g
• natural yoghurt 300 g
• honey 20 g
• pears 150g

We prepare the basis. To do this, grind the flakes in a blender or a coffee grinder, rub the apple on a grater, dry the fruits finely chopped or grind in a blender (to small pieces, not in puree!). Banana is poured and added to a mixture of apples, cereals and dried fruits, mixed (banana puree will allow to combine all the ingredients into a single whole and create a dense, homogeneous, but not a liquid mass). We spread the received mass in the form (it is desirable with demountable ledges), we level and a little we compact. While preparing the cream, the basis for dessert can be put in the refrigerator.
Cooking the cream. Mix yoghurt and soft curd, add honey, mix. Pear cut into thin slices or cubes, add to the cream (several slices can be left for decoration).
Spread the cream on the base, on top you can decorate with pieces of pear, nuts or berries.
We leave the cake in the refrigerator for the night, so that the cream stiffens. take off the sides and enjoy a light and delicious dessert!

?3. Salvation for lovers of sweet: Chocolate cheesecake (without baking) ?

?For 100 g — 112.10 kcal ? proteins — 15.67? fats — 2.32? carbohydrates — 7.27?

• Skimmed cottage cheese 400 g
• Milk 1% fat content 100 g
• Honey 20g
• Gelatin food 15 g
• Cocoa powder 50 g

1. 15 g of gelatin soak with a glass of water for 30 minutes.
2. Then drain the water from the swollen gelatin (if left).
3. Put on a slow fire, add milk, cottage cheese, cocoa and honey.
4. Mix everything blender into a homogeneous mass. Pour into a mold and put it in the cold until it freezes

?4. Yogurt cake without baking ?

?For 100 gr — 61.57 kcal ? proteins — 6.04? fats — 1.18? carbohydrates -6.41?

• Natural yoghurt 350 g
• Milk fat-free 300 ml
• Cocoa powder 1 tbsp. l.
• Strawberry (fresh or frozen) 200-250 g
• Gelatine 40 g
• Lemon juice 1 tbsp. l.
• Stevia

1. Pour gelatin (leave 5-10 g for strawberry puree) with milk, leave for 15 minutes.
2. Put on a weak fire and heat, stirring. Milk can not be allowed to boil.
3. When gelatin is dissolved, remove from heat and allow to cool.
4. In a deep dish, pour the yogurt, add stevia, lemon juice.
5. Whip all this with a mixer, as long as possible.
6. Pour the milk with gelatin into the resulting mixture with a thin trickle, then once again whisk thoroughly.
7. Pour the third part of the mixture into a separate container and add cocoa powder, mix.
8. This cocoa mixture is poured into a special form, which is removed, and immerse it in the freezer for 12 minutes, then remove and pour the rest of the mixture to the end.
9. Put in the freezer. In the meantime, prepare strawberry puree: mix strawberries with stevia in a blender.
10. Take 50 g of water, add the remaining gelatin and leave for 10 minutes. Heat over low heat, stirring. Cool and pour into the strawberry puree. Stir well and pour it into the frozen yogurt mixture with the last layer.
11. We send it to the freezer until it freezes.

Bon Appetit!

?5. Low-calorie cheesecake without baking?

?For 100 gr — 111.80 kcal ? proteins — 9.66? fats — 1.18? carbohydrates — 15.69?

Amazing lightness, multiplied by an unmatched taste! And as much as 10 grams of protein as a nice addition

● 200 g of low-fat cottage cheese
● 125 ml of natural yogurt
● 9 grams of gelatin
● 75 ml of lemon juice
● 3 tablespoons of honey
● 2 protein

Mix lemon juice with 75 ml of water, add gelatin and soak it for 5 minutes.
Then this mixture is heated on low heat, until the gelatin is dissolved, cooled.
In a bowl, whisk cottage cheese, yogurt and honey.
Pour in a mixture of lemon and gelatin.
Egg whites in

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