5 the easiest cakes without baking.



5 the easiest cakes without baking.

1. Cheese fruit cake without baking

Cottage cheese and fruit cake without baking
cottage cheese
— 200 g (cottage cheese for the filling is better to take the high fat content, and
desirably it through a sieve, so that there was a layer of curd
Sour cream 20% fat — 500g
butter — 180 g
shortbread — 400g
-30 g gelatin
sugar — 1 cup
Grapes — 500-700 g
walnuts — to decorate

Melt the butter in a water bath.
Crush cookies into fine crumbs until smooth (with the help of a rolling pin or a blender) and mix with melted butter. Wait until the mixture has cooled slightly.
Take the form to the cake and place plastic wrap on it (it will be easier to get the cake). At the bottom of the mold evenly lay out a mixture of butter and cookies, and tamp
Put in the fridge to cool for 1-2 hours.
Gelatin pour a glass of water and leave to swell for 40-60 minutes.
Granulated sugar, sour cream and cottage cheese, beat well with a blender.
The swollen gelatin put on a little fire and stir constantly until completely dissolved, then let it cool slightly.
Pour the melted gelatin into cottage cheese and mix all well.
On the frozen cold cake lay out a layer of grapes and pour on top of curd cream, then place in the refrigerator until cool, about 40 minutes.
When the cake has cooled, remove the detachable rim shape, gently remove the plastic wrap.
It remains to decorate the cake with chopped nuts and grapes.

2. Bird’s milk without baking

Bird’s milk without baking
Gelatin 30 g
4 tablespoons Sahara
4 tablespoons cocoa
1 cup milk
400 g sour cream
250g mascarpone
150 ml low-fat cream
1 cup of sugar

Pour a glass of cold water 10 grams of gelatin for the chocolate layer. Let it brew. Stir sugar (4 tablespoons), and cocoa powder (4 tablespoons, I took Nesquik).
When gelatin swell, add the sugar and cocoa.
Heat to dissolve gelatin. Pour into prepared pan (greased). I in the form of a silicone ring. Put in the freezer, frozen mixture to 20-30 minutes.
Gelatin (20 g), pour 1 cup of cold milk. We reserve the gelatin to swell.
Sour cream, mascarpone, cream and low-fat 1 cup sugar to whip up
Warms up swollen gelatin in milk and pour into a container with
breast mass, without turning off the mixer and whisk until completely
stirring. We leave for 10 minutes to cool the mass.
We take out of the freezer to form a frozen layer of chocolate. Pour on top of the white layer. Put in refrigerator to complete solidification. I put for the night.
Form overturn and start evert, Cake «Bird’s milk» because it goes well.

3. Cherry cake (without baking)

Cherry cake (without baking)
150 g biscuits
125 g butter
300 g of cottage cheese
150 g of natural yoghurt
100 g of cream (11%)
2 ct.l. lemon juice
1 n. Gelatin (10 g)
50 grams of sugar (who is not sweet, and 100 can be 🙂
cherry jelly
fresh cherries.

Cookies in a blender to grind into fine crumbs. Melt butter and combine with crumbs.
The bottom of the split mold (dia. 26 cm) lined with baking paper, put oil crumb, smooth and lightly pressed his palm. placed in a refrigerator for 30-40 minutes.
Soak gelatin in 100 g of cream, to swell. 20-30 minutes to put in a water bath and stir until gelatin is completely dissolved. do not boil! leave to cool.
Curd cheese mixed with yogurt, sugar, lemon juice and vanilla. Add to
Cream swollen gelatin, mix well.
Put the cream on the cake, smooth and put 2 hours in the cold to frozen cream.
Halved cherry lay on the cake, pour the warm jelly. I took the finished jelly bag, but you can cook and himself.
Ready cake put into the refrigerator to complete solidification.




4. Cake with cookies, chocolate and condensed milk without baking

Cake with cookies, chocolate and condensed milk without baking
Ingredients (with a diameter of 24 with removable sides):
250 g biscuits
200 g of dark chocolate
100 g butter
Article 1/2 of boiled condensed milk
Article 1/2 of cream 38%
For the mousse with condensed milk:
Yn 2 38% cream (500 ml)
1 pack of vanilla pudding (80 g)
2 tbsp of boiled condensed milk

150 g of dark chocolate
150 ml of 38% cream
50 g butter

For decoration:
boiled condensed milk

Putting together the chocolate, butter, boiled condensed milk and cream, and put on the fire, stirring constantly bring to a homogeneous mass of warm.
Then remove from the heat and give a little cool.
Cookies break, but not finely and combine with the chocolate mass.
Stirs and shifts in shape, flatten it.
Preparation of mousse:
The whisk the cream with the pudding at the end add the boiled condensed milk.
We spread the mousse onto the base, flatten and put in freezer for 1 hour 30 minutes.
Preparation of the glaze:
Cream, chocolate and melt the butter maslitse smooth. Give a little cool, and pour on top of mousse.
All put in the refrigerator to frozen glaze.
Confectionery kulёk fill boiled condensed milk on top of the glaze and hold the line.

5. Cake «Black and White» without baking

Cake «Black and White» without baking
For the base:
200 g shortbread type «Jubilee»
~ 150 g butter
2 tbsp. l. cocoa

For the cream:
250g good white chocolate (preferably non-porous, such as «Rapture»)
200 ml cream 33-35%
2 bags of fixer or 1 tbsp starch
500 g of cottage cheese type «Almette» b / d (better to take just such a solid structure for the cheese)
150 g of natural yogurt (non-potable)
50g sugar

1 pear (better to take tvёrdenkuyu pear, strong, but not too green)
200 ml of red wine
2 tablespoons sugar

Butter in a saucepan dissolve. Cookies crumble (you can put cookies in the bag and cover with a towel and then carefully go over it with a rolling pin). And with cocoa to mix to the oil. The resulting mass lay out the form (d24 cm) lined with baking paper, smooth,
make a rim about 5 cm. and put into the refrigerator for 1 hour (or in the freezer for about half an hour).
Melt chocolate in a hot water
bath. A little cool. Whip cream with a fixer, or starch in a cool and stable foam to mix with another liquid chocolate. Gently mix by hand! Mix cottage cheese with yogurt and sugar, stir to mix and whisk to a creamy chocolate mass. Share
the cream on the basis of the biscuits. Put blank for 1 hour in the refrigerator.
Pear peel, cut in half, remove the core. Wine boil with sugar, put the bulb and leave for 1 hour in the wine syrup. Periodically turn.
Pear thoroughly dry with a paper towel, cut into thin slices and arrange on the cake from the midway circle.
Decorate the cake can chocolate chips. With peelers do here such curls of chocolate. Then remove the cake back in the refrigerator overnight to filling definitively entrenched.
You can also decorate the cake with chocolate sticks and leaves of pear (you can take mint or lemon balm).

Bon Appetit!!!


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