7 Recipes preparing delicious salads!




7 Recipes preparing delicious salads!

1. Salad «Alex»

You need:

chicken breast fillet — 400g.
tomato — 2 pieces (medium size).
hard cheese — 150 to 200 grams.
canned mushrooms -250 gr.
repchatyy- onion 1 piece.
Garlic — 2-3 cloves
salt to taste

Chicken fillet boil, remove from broth, cool, cut into small kubikami.Marinovannye mushrooms cut into halves or quarters, depending on their razmera.Pomidory kubikami.Luk chop finely chop, pour boiling water and rinse under running water to remove excess gorechi.Syr grate on grater.
All the salad ingredients to combine, add the garlic, passed through the press. Season with mayonnaise, salt to taste, to shift in a salad bowl. Before serving, salad cool.


2. Salad «Chanterelle»

We will need:

2 chicken breast fillets
3, pickled cucumber
200 gr. Korean carrot
200 gr. cheese
2 cloves garlic
herbs to taste

Fillet boil in salted water, cool and cut into strips. Cucumbers cut into strips, cheese grate. Garlic is passed through the press and combine with mayonnaise. This salad can be submitted to the general salad bowl and can be done in batches. If We serve in a salad bowl: mix the sirloin, cheese, cucumbers and carrots, all the mayonnaise and mix well. If We serve a la carte: put layers in ice-cream bowls, wine glasses or glasses and add between the layers of mayonnaise.



3. Salad Irina


Smoked quail 1pc
Cucumber fresh 1pc
Leeks and onions
Marinated mushrooms 1b
Eggs 4 pcs
Sour cream
Salt, spices

How to cook

Julienne cut quail, cucumber, each product separately mixed with spices and salt, sour cream. Give a little onion and mushrooms. Egg ward, finely chopped, add the spices, salt, sour cream. All this in order to put a round shape for the salad, sprinkle with grated cheese and dill.




300 grams of chicken;
6 eggs;
Sunflower oil;
150 grams of cheese;
250 grams of fresh mushrooms;


Cook until cooked chicken in a pot with water. Finely chop it.
Now boil hard boiled eggs, peel them and rub on a small grater separate the yolks from the protein.
Clean the onion, chop it finely with mushrooms, fried in sunflower oil in a frying pan.
Then crushed walnuts, cheese rub on a small grater. After that, lay out in a bowl layers prepared ingredients.
First, put chicken, mayonnaise, fried mushrooms and onion, then bed walnuts + mayonnaise, egg whites + mayonnaise, grated cheese + mayonnaise and egg yolk.
After all this, we decorate the salad on top halves of olives, herbs and laterally spread chips.

5. Imperial shubeyka

Recipe from our subscribers will Anna scientists


by fused cheese, 2 pcs;
— Carrots, 2 pcs;
-kartofel-2 pieces;
-repchaty onion 1pc;
-svekla-1 pc;
-otvarennye egg-7sht;
-The bank of red salmon caviar.

Vykladyvaetsya all layers.

6. Salad «Kremlin»

Recipe from our subscribers will Anna scientists

Ingredients: take canned beans tender (washed), then boiled egg, cheese and mushrooms cut into strips, then take the onion and cut it into strips and scald it with boiling water (Hold the onions in boiling water for 10 minutes so) and all mix and mayonnaise! Ideally, this salad also includes shrimp, but I do without them and it turns out well, simply Yum !!!

7. Salad «Caesar»


— Lettuce
— Cherry tomatoes in half
— Fried chicken
— «Caesar» sauce
— Crackers of white bread
— Grated cheese


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