8 Recipes beautiful salad for Christmas

What to cook for Christmas

8 Recipes beautiful salad for Christmas

1) New Year’s salad «Spark»
For the preparation of the New Year’s salad did not have to use expensive and unusual ingredients. From the most simple and familiar products are obtained delicious, the main thing — it is right to issue them. For example, put the salad in the form of candles.

What do you need:
— Potatoes — 2 pcs. ;
— Egg — 3 pieces. ;
— Minced meat (fried with onions) — 200 g;
— Cheese — 150 g;
— Mayonnaise — 100 g

For decoration:
— Dill;
— Sweet bell peppers;
— Boiled carrot;
— Corn;
— Prunes.

What to do:
Boil the potatoes in their skins, clean and rub on a coarse grater. Season with salt and place in the form of a barrel on the plate. On top of grease with mayonnaise. For potatoes, place a layer of roasted meat, also grease with mayonnaise. Sprinkle grated proteins (leave 1 egg yolk and 1 protein for decoration). Lubricate the mayonnaise. Grate cheese and sprinkle over the salad, leaving a small elite.
It remains only to decorate your salad, giving it the appearance of a candle. Prune, cut the wick and place it on the protein. From yolk make the first layer of the candle flame. Carrots, cut a second layer of flame, put on the yolk. From pieces of bell pepper, cut a third layer of flame and place it on the carrots.
The bottom of the salad garnish with sprigs of dill. Red pepper cut ribbon and place it on the dill. Garnish with sprigs of dill corn, shredded protein and pieces of red pepper.

What to cook for Christmas

What to cook for Christmas

2) Salad «Christmas tree»
Every housewife in the New Year I want to cook some delicious and unusual salad, but that also was well decorated. Take note salad recipe «Christmas tree.» Looks this salad on New Year’s table is very elegant.

What do you need:
— Smoked cheese — 250 g;
— Cheese durum — 200 g;
— Garlic — 2 cloves;
— Mayonnaise — to taste.

What to do:
Rub cheese on a fine grater, add the garlic and season with mayonnaise. Put the salad on a plate in the shape of a Christmas tree, decorate with chopped dill, sliced ​​carrots, corn and pepper.

Three) Salad on New Year’s «Bangladesh»
This delicious salad can be called a masterpiece of its kind to him. It seems like the most common products, but this salad is so delicious it turns out that the kept simply impossible. Be sure to prepare this salad in the New Year!

What do you need:
— 4 tbsp. l. uncooked rice
— 5-6 eggs
— 1 can of canned fish in oil
— 1 apple
— 1 small onion
— 80 g butter
— 200 g of mayonnaise
— 1 tsp.. Sahara
— 1 tbsp. l. lemon juice

What to do:
Cook and cool rice. From canned drain the oil into a separate bowl, add half of the mayonnaise, sugar and lemon juice. Mix well.
We boiled eggs separate whites from the yolks. Leave proteins for decorating salad. Finely chop the onion, apple, clean it and rub on a grater. Mash the fish with a fork.
You can put the dish on the salad layers:
1 layer: chopped egg yolks
2 layer: half canned
3 layer of rice, mayonnaise
4 Layer: grated apple
Layer 5: mixed with canned onions
6 Layer: grated butter
Pour salad with mayonnaise and drained oil fish sauce. On top of salad Put protein. Garnish as desired. Before that he managed to soak feed hold a salad in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.

4) New Year’s salad «Princess»
In general, this salad can be prepared not only for the New Year, but also on the day of your daughter’s birthday. Let her feel like a princess, just for her mother prepares a delicious and unusual salad.

What do you need:
— 1 can of canned salmon (can be replaced by 200 grams of boiled or baked salmon or trout)
— 1 small onion
— 5-6 eggs
— 200 g of cheese
— 1 large apple
— 1/2 cans of canned corn
— 1 tsp.. lemon juice
— Mayonnaise
— Sol
— Ground black pepper

For decoration:
— 200-300 g of salted salmon
— 1 tbsp. l. red caviar
— 1-2 boiled quail eggs
— 3-4 tablespoons. l. cream cheese
— Parsley or dill

What to do:
Drain canned with oil, remove large bones. Mash the fish with a fork. Peel and finely chop the onion. Boil eggs, cool, divide them into whites and yolks. Chop knife and reload the yolks in a separate bowl. Rub the proteins on a grater, set aside. Drain liquid from corn. Grate the cheese on a grater. Apple wash, clean from the skin and remove the seed pods.
Lay out the salad so layers in the dish:
1 layer: canned
2 layer: onion and a little black pepper
3 layer: egg yolks, a little salt and mayonnaise
4 Layer: grated apple, a little lemon juice and ground pepper
5 Layer: grated cheese and mayonnaise
6 layer: maize
7 layer proteins, a little salt, mix with mayonnaise
Evenly coat the surface of the protein salad. Decorate the salad of your choice, for example, strips of fish, cream cheese and red caviar.

5) Salad «Rizza»
Prepare this salad is incredibly simple: put all the ingredients in the form of, turned and decorated. And since all products are available every day, and do not necessarily consider this a festive salad.

What do you need:
— 200 g smoked chicken breast
— 1 cucumber
— 150 g pickled mushrooms
— 4 eggs
— 1 onion
— Mayonnaise and sour cream to taste
— Salt, pepper, herbs to taste

What to do:
Fry in a little oil until golden brown onions. Mushrooms cut into large pieces. Cucumber and chicken cut into strips. Boiled eggs grate.
You can put the salad in layers in prepared form: eggs, herbs, mushrooms mixed with onion, cucumber, chicken. Each layer of grease filling of mayonnaise and sour cream. Turn on a plate salad and decorate it to your liking.

6) Salad «Christmas Toys»
This salad belongs to the category of serving, so prepared for each on a separate plate. Of course, you can make a salad on a large platter, but then the charm of a small Christmas tree toys will be lost.

What do you need:
— 1 boiled chicken
— 1 boiled potatoes in their skins
— 1 processed cheese
— Champignon
— canned corn
— 2 boiled eggs
— 1 red pepper
— 1 boiled carrots
— Article 5. l. red cabbage juice
— Greens — to taste
— Mayonnaise — to taste

What to do:
On a fine grater grate proteins. Fill them with cabbage juice, and leave until the proteins are blue. Grind pepper in a blender, add the olive oil and spices to taste.
Grate potatoes. Finely chop the mushrooms and fry in butter. Finely chop the chicken. Put the potatoes on a platter, giving it the shape of Christmas tree decorations. Lubricate the mayonnaise. Top with chicken, fried mushrooms, brush with mayonnaise again. Put corn, cheese, brush with mayonnaise. Garnish salad grated proteins, egg yolks, carrots, red pepper. Drawings on the toy is made using mayonnaise.

7) Salad «New Year Ball»
Such salads not to cook for the whole company, but if you meet the New Year together with your loved ones, then this dish will be just in time.

What do you need:
— 100 g of cheese
— 2-3 tbsp. l. soft cream cheese
— 1 avocado
— 100 grams of salted trout
— 2 egg whites
— Laminaria, or dill — for decoration

What to do:
Trout and avocado finely chop. Grate cheese and one egg. Add cheese and stir. no need to add salt salad.
Put the salad on a plate in the form of two balls. Top cover one ball grated protein, the other — thin slices of fish. Cut out stars or simply slices of hard cheese and trout, decorate their Christmas tree salat.Vetochku Put dill or seaweed. Snowflakes draw out of ketchup, and mayonnaise.

8) Salad «Mitten Santa Claus» with red fish
At a New Year’s salad «Mitten Santa Claus» has a lot of options. The most difficult and tasty — this is a red fish and seafood. Be sure to try, as the salad is obtained simply amazing.

What do you need:
— 100 g of cooked rice
— 1 red caviar Bank
— 400 grams of salted salmon
— 1 avocado
— Juice of 1 lemon
— 3 large squid
— 300 g prawns
— Mayonnaise
— 1-2 eggs for decoration

What to do:
Lay out the salad layers in the dish, creating from it a mitten.
Layer 1: mixed with red caviar and 2 tbsp. l. mayonnaise Fig.
2 layer: salmon cut into small pieces.
3 layer: chopped avocado and sprinkled with lemon juice.
4 layer: boiled and chopped squid and shrimp, mixed with 2-3 tbsp. l. mayonnaise.
5 layer: thinly sliced ​​salmon.
Rub the protein and place it on the base of mittens. Mayonnaise draw on salad pattern in the form of snowflakes. Garnish the dish with greens and serve.

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