Beautiful nature photo pictures. Interesting facts about nature

Beautiful nature photo pictures. Interesting facts about nature







Interesting facts about nature

There are more than 2500 large reserves, reserves, natural and national parks, which together cover an area of 2.7% of the Earth’s land.

The largest area national parks are found in Greenland, Botswana, Canada and Alaska.

At the deepest point of the world ocean (Mariinsky chute 11,034 m) iron ball thrown into the water will require more than an hour to reach the ocean floor.

Annually from the earth disappears 11 billion hectares of tropical forests -. This is 10 times the scale reforestation.

The biggest wave ever recorded in human beings, observed around the Japanese island of Ishigaki in 1971. The wave had a height of 85 meters.

The largest hailstone, recorded people fell on the spot Koffeyvill (Kansas, USA). its weight of almost 700 grams.
The storm in Egypt happens only once in 200 years.

Of the 70 rivers in Europe and Asia more than 1000 km in length, 50 flows through the territory of the former Soviet Union.

In ancient times, the Baltic Sea Amber called because of the abundance of amber in it.

In recent years, the level of the sea 100 around the world increases by more than a millimeter per year.

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