Beautiful places of the world. Interesting facts about nature

beautiful places of nature, Interesting facts about nature

The growth rate of pearls — about 0.1 mm per year.
The study of caves is called speleology.

The study is called thunder brontologiey.

National plant Greenland — willow.



beautiful places of nature

The first zoo was established in Australia in the XV century.
The maple sap more than 20 percent sugar.
Fresh apples are floating on the water surface, because they are composed of 25% air.
Two snowflakes with absolutely the same crystal structure does not exist.


In Greece, chrysanthemum called «golden flowers». The Japanese call them «pile».
The average amount of precipitation around the world is about 1 meter per year.
For the first time the Earth’s mass was determined in 1798 by Henry Cavendish.
More than 70% of all living organisms on earth make up the bacteria.
In one day, through the foliage of oak adult takes up to 7 tons of water.
Oceans contain 328 million cubic miles of seawater.


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