Beautiful unusual flowers. Interesting about the colors …

Beautiful unusual flowers. Interesting about the colors …







Interesting about the colors …

What do we know about flowers? This is — beautiful plants that accompany the person at all stages of his life. Different types of flowers have different symbols, whether it’s a declaration of love, loyalty, friendship, respect, and even the memory. In addition to this, we have prepared a list of «Interesting facts about flowers.» Learn more about what you are giving the plant, like getting a gift, you are growing at home or have only seen on TV!
= The name «gladiolus» was given to the plant Roman writer Pliny the Elder. In the I century AD, he drew attention to the similarity of the flower of gladiators with guns. Therefore, in translation from the Roman «Gladius» means «sword».
=. In Germany, increasing the oldest in the world rose. More than 1,000 years it blooms every year at the cathedral of Hildesheim. Bush, almost on par with the roof of the building.
= Did you know that the national flower of the United States in 1986 was recognized by the decision of the Congress of the rose?
= That name came from the particular sunflower flower head turning to the sun, it is known from school days. But few know that before the advent of modern technologies is a sunflower cling to lifejackets for determination of the world.

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