Beef baked in the oven


Oven baked beef, can be a wonderful addition to any summer salad. Besides roast beef, can be a worthwhile alternative to a kebab. Recipe oven baked beef is very simple. Cooking does not leave a lot of time, which is not enough for the hosts.

beef — 800 g
medium onion — 1 PCs
olive oil — 1 tbsp
paprika — 1 tsp
Soy vinegar — 3 tbsp
ground black pepper, to tasteBeef baked in the oven

Beef baked in the oven

Cut meat along the grain into small wedges. If the house has a steak hammer, then just fine. Can little meat tenderizer for softness.

Now you need to peel and slice the onion. As for barbecue, onion should be cut into rings of medium width.

Take a deep pan or dish and combine remaining ingredients. Sauce, pepper, paprika and salt. All well and mix thoroughly.

Add to the sauce the chopped meat and onion. Also mix well. Press for meat is optional if you used the chops with a hammer. Cover and allow to marinate for about an hour. Marinated the meat at room temperature.

Now marinated meat ready for cooking. You need to put it on a baking sheet or, for example, in special sleeve for baking and put in the oven. The temperature should be in the range of two hundred degrees. Cooking time is from fifty minutes to an hour.

Bon appetit!

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