Beef steak


Beef tenderloin — 250 g;
olive oil — about 10 g;
sea salt — to taste;
freshly ground pepper — to taste.

onions — 30 g;
flour — 15-20 g;
fresh horseradish — 20 g;
cherry tomatoes — 80 g;
thyme — to taste.Beef steak

Beef steak

Beef like any other meat, before cooking needs to warm up to room temperature. Spices and salt in advance do not use: they pull the liquid, the meat will not be as juicy as we would like.

Before you put the meat on the grill, cut the white film on beef: they spoil the look of the steak, badly cooked through and chew.

Before cooking the meat just press the hand to beat is not necessary, in order not to damage the fibers and not to make meat unnecessary stiffness.

Then to the steak, pour a little olive oil, spreading it evenly over the tenderloin.

The roasted meat is ready. If you cook steak at home, then be sure to post it on already hot grill, not just hot. The meat is “sealed” and will retain the juiciness.

On the one hand a steak fry for 2-3 minutes, then turn at an angle of 45 degrees and held the same amount of time. Sprinkle with salt and pepper the meat during the process of roasting. It is better to use freshly ground pepper; it is more flavorful.

Degree of doneness the chef recommends that you check on the side: it is visible to the eye. Grilled meat you can occasionally, with small amount of olive oil. Flatten the steak on the grill is not: to anything below it came out of the juice.

After roasting, the meat should «rest» for about 2-3 minutes: it is advisable to put it on a plate and leave it near a hot grill to avoid a rapid temperature change.

For chips onions cut into 1 mm thick and dip in flour. Then drop into the hot oil and fry until Golden brown, then onion is spread on a paper napkin.

While preparing onions, for the grill you can put a twig with cherry tomatoes. 1-2 minutes is sufficient. For vegetables, you can add a little olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt. It is important not to overdo that tomatoes do not burst from the heat.

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