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Interesting facts about cars

Demanded the first commercial navigation system for cars was introduced in the US in 1985 under the name Etak and worked without GPS. When you start working with the system introduced by the current location and performed the calibration check. Further movement of the machine determined by mounted on the wheels of the magnetic sensor and the compass, and the location is displayed on the vector map in a monochrome screen. These maps are stored in special cassettes, which had to be replaced periodically because of their limited volume. For example, a map of Los Angeles was delivered on four cassettes, however, reinstalling the system was sufficiently thought out to the driver to do it without stopping the car.

The Porsche 911 was originally released under the symbol 901. Change the number of objections had after Peugeot, said that owns the rights to the method of naming models for the mass market three figures with zero in the middle. This claim is not extended to Peugeot racing models Porsche, such as 907 or 908.


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