Boards made of puff pastry with potatoes, meat and cucumbers.

Boards made of puff pastry with potatoes, meat and cucumbers.

— potatoes — 1 kg.
— meat (any !!!) — 400 gr.
— bulb — 1 large
— salted cucumbers -3-4 pieces (small)
-free puff — 500 gr (I had a ready, yeast, cut into squares …)
— egg — 1 pc. (Grease the boats)
— Cheese hard-50 gr (for sprinkling boats, but you can and without it)

Boards made of puff pastry with potatoes, meat and cucumbers.


1. Boil potatoes and make mashed potatoes, such as you usually do for a family
2. Cut the meat into pieces (I have pork, a scapular part, not lean.) Cut the onion into half rings and fry everything in the following way … the meat on high heat, stirring for 3 minutes, then we lay onions, mix, reduce gas and stew under the lid still 10 minutes … after opening the lid and on medium heat slightly evaporate the juice for another 4 minutes. Turn off!

3. Cut cucumbers into semi-rings or straws (if large). Cucumbers only salty or barrel (from marinated, store Pts strongly smells of vinegar ..), if you have more cucumbers, add, do not regret it!

4. The defrosted dough is divided into 4 parts (each layer, I had 2, turned out 8 boats) roll out, the rectangle obtained, more than our 1/4 times in three. The edges of the rolled dough are slightly thinner than the middle.

5. lay out in the center two, three tablespoons canteens (with a slide) cooked mashed potatoes … in the center roasted meat and sliced ​​cucumbers. On the sides we make longitudinal incisions.

6. Now wrap each side in turn, so that the cut is centered.

7. We attach the shape of the boat to our product, we protect the sides.

8. put on the baking sheet, I have little space on the form and I paved each boat with baking paper. Lubricate the boats with a beaten chicken egg, you can pour a little into the inside, and lightly close the center with grated cheese.

9. put in a preheated oven to 180 degrees … let’s get flushed, as all the ingredients are ready, it will be enough for 25 minutes.

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