20 servings
1000-1100 g. of beef (languette)
25 g sea salt
4 g of nitrite salt
5 g. black pepper
30 g of sugar
a few sprigs of rosemary
1/2 tsp juniperBresaola


Crush pepper and juniper berries, chop the rosemary needles, connect with other spices and carefully grind in a mortar or mill. Immediately divide the spice mixture into two parts – one is useful to you immediately, the second in a week. The splints or other lean cut of beef clean from the films and fat, carefully RUB the spices and place in the package with zip-Locke (at me such was not, and I used an ordinary toothpick). Squeeze out of the package the maximum amount of air, close it and leave in the refrigerator.

Every couple days remove the pack, turn and massage, rubbing the spices into the meat. After a week, remove the meat from the refrigerator, drain the separated juice, dry and grate the other half of the spices. Again put the meat in the bag and place in the refrigerator, turning and massaging it as before. After a week, remove the meat from the package, as it should wipe off and weigh: in my case the weight has not changed, and the amount of released juice was minimal.

Take the cooking twine, tie the meat as shown above, and hang on the balcony or in another dark and dry place (you can cover the meat with gauze, so he did not sit down insects, but without the gauze it will dry faster). If you have the ability to control temperature and humidity, the correct options – 13° / 80%, I used the regular glazed loggia. On the maturation of the meat will take about another 3-4 weeks, and soon you will notice mold, which appeared on its surface. White mold – a sign that everything goes according to plan, green junk, but safe (just to be sure you can get it with a piece of gauze which is soaked in vinegar)*.

Bresaola is ready when you lose about 30% of their initial weight. Remove mold with vinegar and store meat in the fridge. Bresaola supposed to slice as thinly as possible – in this regard, a very useful professional machine, like those used in stores, but in his absence, will fit any sharpened knife. Bresaola traditionally served with rocket, drizzled with olive oil, freshly ground black pepper and coarse salt, and decorate with thin slices of Parmesan, but in our case you can just apply thinly sliced bresaola, the good, the Italians often do the same.

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