Cake «Cherries in the Snow»

Cake «Cherries in the Snow»


-200 G + 600 g sour cream (in the test + in cream)
-200 G of butter
-3 Art. flour
-600 G cherries
-120 G of powdered sugar (in cream)
-by vanilla taste
-1 Tsp soda
-by sugar to taste (stuffing)
0.5 tsp Apple vinegar
-50 G of coconut (to decorate)

Cooking process:
Cake «Cherries in the Snow» lovers sand-berry cakes soaked in sweet sour cream. Prepare the ingredients. It is desirable that they were room temperature. Mix the butter with the cream, gradually adding flour, soda, slaked. The dough is soft and elastic. Send it in the cold for 2 hours, covered with cling film.

Meanwhile, prepare the stuffing. Cherry frozen was little, so I picked up the missing amount of cherry jam. Berries necessarily squeeze juice from. The dough is divided into 16 parts. Each piece roll out, put a cherry in the center, sprinkle with sugar. Properly zaschepit edge.

Put a circle in shape, completely filling the bottom. Bake 4 of cake in the oven heated to 200 degrees, each about 20 minutes Here are funny and original cakes eventually obtained. They need to be fully ostudit.Smetanu whip with powdered sugar, cover each cake. Let it brew for half an hour, then remove the cold (better — on all night).

Garnish with coconut. Korzh impregnated with fine cream cake becomes juicy and tasty. In terms of the cake it looks quite impressive! Suitable for family get-togethers, and for the birthday celebrant.


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