Cake «Dark Larry.»

You will need:

For the dough will need:
Flour — 375 g
Cocoa — 90 g
Disintegrant — 10 g
Soda — 7 g
Vegetable oil — 150 g
Sugar — 450 g
Eggs — 3 pcs
Vanilla Extract — 5 g
Milk — 150 g
Hot coffee — 340 g
Alcohol — 75 g

For the cream:
Cream 33% — 100g
Cream Cheese — 500 gr
Powdered sugar — 70 grams

cake at 16-18 cm,

Cake "Dark Larry."

Cake «Dark Larry.»

Cake «Dark Larry.»

How to cook:

1. Sift dry ingredients in a large bowl: flour (375 g), cocoa (90 g), baking powder (10 g), baking soda (7 g). Please select the most good cocoa. No green packets. We need a taste, color, and no creaking on the teeth of the particles. I suggest that all Barry Callebaut Belgian alkalized.
Repeatedly he said that the need to mix everything thoroughly whisk. Especially mixtures where there soda or baking powder. Otherwise, you may be different in composition cake portions, one more of these agents and cakes will go bubbles. Remove the side.

2. In the mixer bowl combine any vegetable oil (150 g) and sugar (450 g). Beat well with a mixer. Clearly, this oil is not vzobetsya in foam like cream, so just wait for the mass uniformity.

3. Then lower the speed to low and introduce all the eggs (3 pcs) and vanilla extract (5 g). According vanilla as usual, does not replace the vanilla flavors or chemical, it is better not to add anything. We beat a lot of 2 minutes.

4. Enter the half of the dry mixture. Beat.

5. Pour milk (150 g), the temperature is not important.

6. And now the most interesting — hot coffee (340 g). Once again I draw attention — yes, program. Because the bowl on the scales and it is easier to measure than the glasses. Coffee can take instant, cook yourself or use a coffee machine. The main thing — the boiling water. By the way, if you, for whatever reason, are afraid of coffee — just add water. What happens at this point? Boiling activates the baking powder, and even though we are used to seeing his work in the oven, in this case, we need to test the air at once. Then you see the difference. The second point is brewed cocoa. It literally turns into a hot chocolate (we have cocoa, fats and temperature for heating), so cakes are surprisingly darker. There also need to send alcohol (75 g). I took Marsala can be whiskey, brandy, liqueurs, in short everything from what a nice tart flavor (not wine, of course). Again, special hostess can replace it with water or juice.

7. whipped a low speed and pour the rest of the dry ingredients.
Look, we get quite a lot of dough. Now is the time to decide how we furnace. I prefer the oven for one Korzh, so I made a French shirt for my 16 th form and I will bake cakes SIX. The mass of each test — about 300 grams. Basically, if you hurry, you can make three double (then just trim the). If you are confident in their abilities, you can make two calls (in every form then you will have three cakes). The dough is liquid, it can confuse you. Do not worry if all did weights — then you have the proper batter, and though it seems that it runs straight — this is normal.

8. Bake at 180 degrees, pre-warmed oven, top and bottom.
Bake about 25 minutes single cake, if the portions in the form of longer — time increase. There is a delicate moment — the dough is very dark, and in the process of baking will be all black, so you can not catch the moment when the cake was burned. Check the skewer as soon dry out — take out. You can simply click on the center of the cake with your finger, so do the pros, if the cake springs back, it is clear that he fully propёksya. The rest can safely bake cakes exactly the same time. And do not be afraid of the dough, it can wait. Top will bump, we all know that it needs to be cut.

9. We got out of shape immediately shifted to the grid and removed the parchment. Its use again for the next batch. I always flip the cake, so as not to deform the lower major face.
So all bake cakes at a time. Every time we repeat the French shirt. For silicone only at the bottom of the parchment, but I have these cakes are made in the metal.
When the cakes cool completely, wrap in foil and put them in the fridge for a few hours (preferably overnight). During this time, moisture from the center of the cake is distributed to the edges, and the film does not come out of her cakes. Look at the cake like sticky. So it turns out juicy, it’s incredible.

10. Cut away cakes into one thick. Since cakes are very wet, I was making the each parchment, so that they do not stick together.

11. Further cream. I took my standard. What cream to take you, decide for yourself. Also in portions — it is always an individual option. It is clear that the dye to tint it, I take those — Americolor.
First, in a bowl, beat the cream (100 g). Take strictly between 33% fat, no less fat will not work. The secret to fast whipping: cold bowl, beaters mixer cold and cold cream. Cook joke that you can put in a bowl whisk cream and pack everything away in the freezer for 10 minutes.
Then a mixer at maximum speed, beat the cream. In the beginning it will seem that nothing is happening, but the minute on the 5th the mass begins to thicken. See, as soon as the weight keeps its shape (stable peaks), cease beating. So as not to perevzbit cream, an oil.
Now add the cream cheese (500 g) and powdered sugar (70-90 grams). And finally whisk.
The mass became homogeneous, clean in the refrigerator. Let lie down for an hour, pick up strength. What I like this cream, there is no oil at all taste, cream lighter. In addition, it turns snow white. The shape keeps excellent. The proportions of cheese and powder can be changed, it all depends on your taste.

About the cottage cheese, too many questions. First of all, do not confuse the cream cheese and cottage cheese — the first is more like processed cheese, the second on the finely milled curd. If you try it from the pack, it will be a little salty, do not worry — the salt enhances sweet ingredients and just emphasizes their (the cream did not cloying).
You can even use a soft ricotta or other cheeses such as mascarpone and Philadelphia — but the basic recipe is still the same as I wrote above.

12. Building a cake. We follow the geometry. We remember the rough plaster.

13. Now about the cover glaze. The first thing we need — well cooled cake. Well, if you covered it with cream in the evening and in the morning watering glaze. Cool cake will quickly cool the icing that hardens and beautiful streaks.
How do I glaze. Dark chocolate and butter. You can also use the ganache, but there is still need cream.

On this cake will need somewhere 80 grams of chocolate, I took stock. If you take the tile — finely chop out, we need a homogeneous paste, and if there are large pieces, they have long melted and the process is stretched.
Melt my favorite way — pastry bag into boiling water. So you never overheat the chocolate. When the chocolate has melted, pour it into a wide bowl.
Add the chopped pieces of cold butter. The calculation of this — 100 grams of chocolate — 60-80 grams of butter. Why would it? Firstly, the chocolate will shine, secondly, the icing on a cake will be softer and will not become rigid crust, which is impossible to cut.

Silicon spatula stir the mass until smooth. If the chocolate does not cope with the oil, you can put it in the microwave. 15 seconds, removed, shuffle all, 15 more seconds. Should an emulsion — ie completely homogeneous mass without lumps.

We give chocolate to cool slightly. Initially, it will run with the blade as water, will gradually thicker, such as yogurt, that such a state we need.

14. In the meantime, zaymёmsya decor. Many asked to talk about Madame Kandurin. This is a harmless powder gold or silver color. It is used for coloring and decoration.
For example, we can cover them berries blackberries. Pours on the part of a plate, poppy in her soft brush and gently lubricates the berries. It is clear that with raspberries will work gently and with strawberries no ceremony. You can cover the berries are completely or slightly podpylit.

But, as the cover cakes. Madame Kandurin typing on a brush, hold the surface of the cake by 4 cm and a strong blow to the side of the cake. Gold Dust is applied to the sides of the cake. Simply apply with a brush you do not get. There are smudges of lint and the gold layer will be too thick. And in this way you are very well adjust the density of the coating. So I walked along the lower third of the cake, creating a small gradient. First, it can not receive you, but gradually you will understand the essence. Apply the dust again and again, until the desired shade. Clearly, the darker cream — more beautiful and more obvious is gold plated.

15. And now about the frosting. And now I summarize everything for you. The first — the cake is cold, waiting in the fridge. Second, chocolate icing liquid, without lumps, texture similar to yogurt, with the blade dripping tape.
Prepare a small spatula or Spatula. She we «draw» our stains. Pour the icing on the cake in the center. It is necessary to pour so much to remain away from the edges by 1,5-2 cm., And gently, slowly distribute icing spatula from the center to the edges. To get a bruise — you just need a shovel «push» the icing down, everything else will make the gravity and cold sides of the cake. If you need a thicker stains — Cool the glaze a little harder. But I do not think everyone loves a thick cap of chocolate, so we pretty stains. Notice that they are of different heights? This is also achieved by the fact that we shovel more or less glaze leads to the edge of the cake. Practice, I think the second cake you will turn out perfectly.

When the glaze has cooled down, it is possible and cover Madame Kandurin, it will give a nice shine and reflectivity.

Bon Appetit!

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