Cake «Potatoes» from cookies

Cake «Potatoes» from cookies

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Biscuit shortbread — 600 grams;
Condensed milk — 1 bank;
Butter — 200 grams;
Cocoa powder -3 tablespoons;
Vanilla — 1 package.

Description of the process of preparation:
This option potato cake made from the most simple and basic constituent — biscuits. Cookies will suit anyone, such as Jubilee. Technology of preparation of this cake is very simple: it crumbles, then sealed with condensed milk cream and butter. Try it and you are this simple, but very tasty dessert.

To prepare the cake of potato cookies, prepare all the necessary ingredients, see. Photo:

Cookies must be crushed, just use a blender, a rolling pin or a mortar.

Soft butter grind with condensed milk until smooth.

The resulting cream, add the crushed biscuits and vanilla. How should I mix a lot, it must get pretty thick and viscous.

Shape oblong mass of sweet cakes in the form of potatoes.

Each cake, potato roll in cocoa.

Roasted walnuts will perform the role of germs in our potatoes. Lightly fry the nuts in a frying pan, chop them and decorate cakes.

Ready-made cakes potato biscuit, send in the refrigerator to cool and then serve. I got 18 cakes, which is enough for tea for a small company.

#Cake  #cookies

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