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Are you attending the Manchester Open? What, Where and Why?

The BCFA Open series continues this year with the second annual Manchester Open exhibition. This year the BCFA will be holding the exhibition at a fresh new venue and offering you the opportunity to meet with 27 of their esteemed members.

Shortlist for Clandon Park restoration revealed

In 2015, a devastating fire caused permanent damage to the 18th-century palladian house, Clandon Park in Surrey.

Dutch company Beerenberg create personalised coffins

In England, we don’t know how to celebrate a funeral, we mean really celebrate one. Weddings, on the other hand, are different. We know how to celebrate a wedding. Brides spend months planning their dress, the flowers, the guests, the music, the food…

London Design Festival: T2 Tea asks artists to design iconic tea packaging

Here at DesignCurial, we like art and we love a good cup of tea. So, when we found out that Aussie tea company, T2 Tea, is collaborating with a number of artists for London Design Festival, we got excited.

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