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Cream Charlotte

Cream Charlotte This cream recipe is different from Gostic in that it contains less percentage of the oil content. Nevertheless, he keeps the shape perfectly, and at the same time less fatty. Ingredients: 240 grams of good quality butter 160 grams of sugar 270 ml of milk 3 eggs of the first category Pinch of […]

Festive cake with cherry

Festive cake with cherry To prepare it you need the following ingredients: Eggs — 8 pcs., Flour — 2 cups, Sugar — 2 cups + 150 g for cream, Cheese — 300 grams, Cream (15-20% fat content) — 100 ml, Sour cream — 3 tbsp. Spoons, Thickener for cream — 1 pack, Cherry juice — […]

Cake from eclairs with grapes

Cake from eclairs with grapes INGREDIENTS: Grapes without pits (kish-mish) — 500-600 gr. FOR WELDING TEST: Flour — 1 glass (at the very edge) Water — 1 glass Butter — 75 gr. Eggs — 4 pcs. Chocolate black porous — 100 gr. FOR LEMON AND CREATIVE CREAM: Sugar — 1 glass Cottage cheese — 400 […]

Cottage cheese pie in the multivariate

Cottage cheese pie in the multivariate INGREDIENTS: 3 eggs 100-200g of sugar 200gr of cottage cheese 200 gr of flour 150 gr of margarine or butter 1 packet of vanilla sugar 1 bag of baking powder At will candied fruits, raisins, nuts.

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