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Diet Cherry casserole

Diet Cherry casserole For 100grams — 70 kcal Ingredients: Cottage cheese — 500 g Cherry — 550 g Egg — 2 pcs. Sweetener — to taste

Chocolate-cranberry cake

Chocolate-cranberry cake Air chocolate biscuit perfectly matches with slightly bitter cowberry. For a biscuit it will be required: eggs — 3 pieces; Water — 2 tbsp; Sugar — 75 g; vanillin; Flour — 75 g; Cocoa — 25 g; Baking powder — ½ teaspoon; a pinch of salt; Filling: cranberries frozen — 150 g; Lemon […]

Chocolate cake with brewed chocolate cream and nuts

Chocolate cake with brewed chocolate cream and nuts Despite the fact that it is only 20 cm in diameter, its height was about 15 cm. Four cakes, impregnated with Irish Cream syrup, interlaid with chocolate-nut cream, were pulled out to 2.5 kg! If you are a chocolate man, this is your recipe! Ingredients. For chocolate […]

Cake «Delight» without bakery

Cake «Delight» without bakery Ingredients for carpets: 3 cc of flour 1 pot of condensation 1 egg 1 tsp. Coda 1 tsp. Vinegar Ingredients for the frame: 750 gr of milk 200 gp of butter 1.5 cc of sugar 2 eggs 3 tablespoons Flour Vanillin — to taste

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