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Chocolate cake with strawberry mousse

Ingredients: 50 oz. dark chocolate 200 gr. soft butter 150 gr. Sahara a pinch of salt 5 egg yolks 240 gr. flour 10 gr. cocoa powder 2 tsp baking powder 150 gr. sour cream 6 tablespoons strawberry liqueur Strawberry mousse: 500 gr. Mascarpone 500 gr. rubbed to a smooth mass of curds 400 ml of […]

Chocolate cake “Ordinary Miracle”

Ingredients: flour – 1st. yogurt – 1st. -1st sugar. soda – 1/2 tsp Cocoa – 2 tbsp sour cream – 400ml. sugar 2/3 Art.

Lemon cake with raisins.

Very delicate, melting in your mouth cake, not heavy, you can eat a lot and did not notice 🙂 Air cake with sour and more izyuma- Great pastries for tea!

“Smart” cake

Ingredients: Wheat flour 110 g Eggs 4 pcs. 500ml milk Sugar 150 g Vanilla sugar 15g Butter 125g

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