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Low Calorie Berry and Fruit tort

Low Calorie Berry and Fruit tort Calorie per 100 g: 102 kcal Ingredients: Biscuit — 300 grams (you can buy ready-made or make yourself, but you can do without it) Natural Yogurt — 500g Stevioside — to taste Gelatin — 3 tbsp Vanilla — to taste Strawberries, bananas, kiwis, blueberries, green grapes — 400 — […]

Cake Bananovyy

Cake Bananovyy Ingredients Recipe for 12 people: 5 eggs 200g sugar 300 g of mayonnaise 1 can of condensed milk 2 cups flour 1 packet of baking powder 3 bananas 150g butter cream 0.5 cans of condensed milk for cream

Zephyr MASTIC.

Zephyr MASTIC. 1000 g: 470 g of sugar, 12.5 g of gelatin, 2 egg whites, 1 g citric acid, 150 g water, 500 g of powdered sugar.

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