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The fastest and most delicious cake!

The fastest and most delicious cake! #cake Ingredients: -yaytsa – 2 pcs. -sahar – 1 tbsp., -kefir – 1 tbsp.,

Chocolate cake “Dream”

Chocolate cake “Dream” #Chocolate #cake Ingredients: – 250 g of dark chocolate (62% -70%) – 150 g of sugar – 12 large eggs – 6 drops of lemon juice / or 1 hour. L. cream of tartar

Cake “Tubes” with cream

Cake “Tubes” with cream #Cake Ingredients: – 1 pack. puff pastry – 100 g of powdered sugar

Blancmange curd.

Blancmange curd. #dessert Delicate dessert that like adults and children. This amazing dessert prepared without baking. For the preparation of cottage cheese blancmange need: 0.5 cups milk; 1 packet (15 g) of gelatin;

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