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sour cream cake

  Everyone has a family recipe for the cake. The man who prepared for birthdays or holidays. In our family, it was a simple sour cream cake. Very often we were preparing it, until my grandmother lived in the village: eggs and sour cream was homemade and berries could pluck straight from the garden. The […]

Cake “Trio”

  To prepare the cake “Trio”, you need the following ingredients: For the cake: 350-400 g “for tea” cookie 0.5 packs of butter 100 g of powdered sugar. For cottage cheese cream: 400 g of cottage cheese 400 g sour cream 0.5 cans of condensed milk 3 tbsp. l. Sahara 1 packet of vanilla sugar […]

Mastic of condensed milk

  Ingredients: – Sweetened condensed milk – 150 gr .; – Powdered sugar – one cup; – Lemon juice – 1 tsp. a spoon; – Milk powder or cream powder – 1-1.5 cups, and sometimes it takes more – monitor consumption of yourself, you feel that would be enough.

Recipe Cake “Prague” or the Prague cake

  “Prague” cake – Products: 300 grams of a 15% interest sour cream; 200 grams of sugar; 200-300 grams of wheat flour; butter; 2 eggs; 1 can of condensed milk; 1 teaspoon baking soda; cocoa

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