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Cake «Cherry Heart»

Cake «Cherry Heart» Ingredients: Cherries (frozen) 350 g Sugar 50g Corn starch 20 g Custard 200 g Chocolate biscuit cake 1-1.5 cm thick Mousse: Gelatine 5 g Cream 10% for gelatin 25 g Cream 35% 250 ml Bitter chocolate 100 g Rum or rum flavor Chocolate velor and / or mirror coating glaze Cooking method: […]

Cake «Fantasy»

Cake «Fantasy» Ingredients for the cake: — Egg — 5 pcs. — sugar — 1 tbsp. — ripper — 2 tsp — flour — 1.5 tbsp. — cocoa powder Ingredients for custard: — milk — 500 gr. — yolks — 2 pcs. — Butter — 100 gr. — sugar — 100 gr. — vanilla sugar […]

Cake «Trumpet stump»

Cake «Trumpet stump» I suggest you to cook this wonderful cake «Trumpet stump». It turns out to be insanely delicious and an order of magnitude more useful than the bought cake in the store. I think it’s better to spend a little bit of time, so as a result of really enjoying yourself and your […]

Gingerbread cake with cranberries and tangerines.

Gingerbread cake with cranberries and tangerines. Here I will not be afraid of pathos expressions, there was an incredibly harmonious combination of all components in this cake. You just imagine — gingerbread, tangerines, cranberries, kirsch … What comes to mind? Winter, New Year, frost outside the window, warmth, aroma and cosiness at home. Yes, yes, […]

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