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Classic biscuit

Classic biscuit Ingredients: -4 eggs of medium size, -120 g of sugar -90 g flour -30 g of starch -1 hour spoon (without slide) baking powder -valine as desired  

Cake «Air Castle»

Cake «Air Castle» Ingredients: 600 g of marshmallow with sour taste (4 pcs white and 4 pcs pink) 300 g of prunes without pips 150g dried apricots 50 g raisins 100 g of crushed walnuts For cream: 200 g of butter 0.5 cans of condensed milk Juice of 1 lemon

Ingenious cake without baking

Ingenious cake without baking Ingredients: — 500 g of cracker «Fish» — 1 liter of sour cream — 250 g of sugar — 1 banana (you can have dried apricots, prunes, and nuts) — 1 small chocolate bar

Beautiful Choux CAKES SWANS

Beautiful Choux CAKES SWANS Ingredients (30 + 10 swans custard cakes): For the choux pastry: 250 ml water Ml milk 250 g 2/3 tsp salt 1 tsp Sahara 160 g butter 300 g flour 8 large eggs (if the dough is thick, you can add another egg or milk).   For the custard: 800ml milk […]

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