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Cake-plyatsok «Embroidery»

  Ingredients Dough: 400 g flour Margarine 200g Sugar 100 g Yolks 3 pcs. Sour cream 4 tablespoons Baking powder 1 tbsp. l. Soda 1 hour. L. 2 tbsp cocoa. l. Thick jam plum, apricot 2 cups Walnut 150 g Protein foam: Proteins 3 pcs. Sugar 100 g Citric acid pinch   Cream: Cream of […]

Raspberry truffle

  Composition: Biscuit almond chocolate Raspberry ganache Raspberry marmalade For cake d 20 cm (8-10 servings) need Biscuit: 120 almond flour Sugar 150 g 2 eggs 4 egg yolks 25 g flour 25 g of cocoa sugar 5 proteins 60 g of powdered sugar

Cake with creamy curd cream, cherries and chocolate.

  The combination of chocolate sponge cake with a very sweet curd cream, cherries and chocolate fondant — it is incomparably delicious and not difficult enough to cook. I recommend to try. You will need: for chocolate biscuit: Wheat flour — 50 g Cocoa powder — 20 g Eggs — 2 pcs Sugar — 60 […]

Cake «Tiramisu».

  Of course, this is not the best Italian dessert. This cake on its grounds, with a cream based on Mascarpone and cream. Incredibly delicious cake — even I, have recently cooled down to baking, ate, it seems three pieces. Very tasty, though 🙂 For impregnation used strong coffee, diluted almost one to one coffee […]

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