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Cake «Day-Night»

Cake «Day-Night» Ideal treat for those who like to tastily pamper themselves. It’s easy to cook, and the taste will not disappoint you … sweet … tender, just melts in your mouth. And the kids and do not drag the ears from this cake. Ingredients For the test: Cow milk — 20 ml; Chicken eggs […]

Poppy-coconut cake

Poppy-coconut cake The taste of this makovo-coconut cake has conquered our whole family. The cake is tender, delicious, beautiful and high. This cake will decorate any tea or celebratory table. The crusts are friable and do not require additional impregnation, there is enough cream. We will need: Egg — 3 pieces; Sour cream — 200 […]

honey cake

honey cake For honey cakes: — wheat flour 500 gr (may be slightly more or less, depends on quality and gluten meal) — egg 2 pieces — sugar 200 gr — Butter 80 g — honey 115 g (about 3 tablespoons with a slide) — 2 tablespoons soda without slides

Fitness Cottage cheese casserole with apple

Fitness Cottage cheese casserole with apple on 100gramm — 72.47 kcal Ingredients: Low-fat cottage cheese — 250 g Eggs — 2 pcs Kefir — 3 tbsp. l Apple — 300g

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