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Stuffed chicken legs

Stuffed chicken legs We will need : 4 medium ham Piece of pork grams 150 Garlic 2 cloves Orange 1 pc Home-made mayonnaise salt Seasonings to taste

Honey-lemon chicken breasts

Honey-lemon chicken breasts Approximate cooking time: 45 minutes Ingredients for 4-6 servings: 4 chicken fillets, about 200 grams each 2 tablespoons Liquid honey 2 lemons 2 tablespoons olive oil Salt and ground black pepper to taste

Original DINNER ..

ASKED A LOVED MAN TO PREPARE DINNER .. Hello! I — blogger, love of God and people. Food — it is certainly good and well, but we must remember that in front of us waiting for eternity and where we spend it, depends only on us! Everyone in some sins, but the severity of this […]

Chicken fillet «Surprise», baked in foil

Chicken fillet «Surprise», baked in foil Ingredients: Chicken fillet 3 pcs. Milk 1 glass Potatoes average 6 pcs. Onions 1 pc. Tomato 2 pcs. Egg 2 pcs. Garlic 2 — 3 denticles Cheese 150 — 200 g. Vegetable oil for lubrication of molds Mayonnaise (can be replaced with sour cream) 3 tbsp. L. Salt, pepper […]

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