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Cutlets «Bird’s milk».

  Cutlets «Bird’s milk», prepared according to this recipe, turn out very tasty, fragrant and incredibly tender. Chicken minced impregnated with cream filling, and it turns out very juicy. This recipe is like absolutely everyone — both children and adults. To prepare meatballs «Bird’s milk» we need: 500g minced chicken; 100 ml of milk; 3 […]

Chicken fillet with garlic and cheese.

  Yummy! Prepared quickly, the chicken turns out very soft and delicate with creamy garlic flavor and aroma. Ingredients: Fillet — 350-400 g; Sour cream or mayonnaise — 3-4 tablespoons. l .; Hard cheese (grated) — 20 g; Dill — 0.5 beam; Garlic cloves 2-3 Olive oil or vegetable (refined) Salt — to taste.

Chicken fillet in cheese sauce

  INGREDIENTS: ● Chicken breast 1 piece ● Sour cream 20% -s’ 250g ● Cheese 50g

Baked chicken on skewers

  Ingredients: — 500 g chicken fillets — 2 eggs — 80 g breadcrumbs — 1 tablespoon mustard — 2 teaspoons of parsley (dry) — 0.5 teaspoons of salt — spices

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