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Chicken salad with eggs and mushrooms

Chicken salad with eggs and mushrooms Ingredients: Smoked chicken breast — 200 g Cucumber — 150g Marinated mushrooms — 150 g Onions — 1 pc. Boiled Eggs — 4 pcs. Mayonnaise or sour cream — to taste Salt Pepper Green onions and other greens — to taste

Chicken on vegetables

Chicken on vegetables ngredients: — 3 chicken thighs — 300 grams of cabbage — 2 onions — 2 carrots — 1 tomato — 1 bell pepper — 2-3 cloves of garlic — 4-5 Art. tablespoons mayonnaise — salt pepper — greenery

Chicken liver pate

Chicken liver pate You will need 500 g chicken liver 2 medium onions 125 g butter 200 ml cream 50 ml brandy or rum 20 ml of olive oil 5 g of thyme 10 peas pink pepper salt to taste How to cook Onions cut into half rings. In a frying pan pour the olive […]

Layered salad with chicken

Layered salad with chicken Salad laid layers from bottom to top: -chicken meat -The raw material -otvarnoe egg -redka + carrots -chicken meat -The raw material -yaytso Each layer of mayonnaise fluff) The top put sliced grapes into halves and sprinkle with chopped walnuts

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