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10 tips to cook delicious coffee

10 tips how to cook delicious coffee   1. Clean water To cook a tasty coffee you will need clean water. Just forget about the water from the tap if you want to get a perfect fragrant and alluring drink =) 2. Do not rush If you cook coffee in Turku (read the original recipe […]

Apple smoothies with grapefruit for dinner

Apple smoothies with grapefruit for dinner In the composition of the drink, in addition to apples, there are carrots. It must be boiled first. Ingredients: 1 grapefruit 2 boiled carrots 2 apples Sugar Mineral water Preparation: Boil the carrots and cut them into slices. Apple peel off the seeds, peel it is not necessary to […]

Fatty burning kefir cocktail with ginger

Fatty burning kefir cocktail with ginger. It speeds up the metabolism and removes excess foods from the body. Regular use for a month helps to get rid of excess weight. ? for 100grams — 58.67 kcal?B / F / L — 3.35 / 1.99 / 7.51? Ingredients: Kefir (fat content 0,1-2,5%) — 1 glass Cinnamon […]


BANANO-MINT COCKTAIL ‘JUNGLE’ INGREDIENTS: Bananas 2 pieces Mint 4 leaves Honey 2 table..l. Mineral water to taste DECORATION: Bananas 0.5 pcs. COOKING METHOD : 1. Peel and cut large bananas. 2. Wash the mint, dry and peel on the leaves and grind into the gruel. 3. Beat blanched bananas with mint and honey. 4. Pour […]

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