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Banana smoothie with oatmeal

Banana smoothie with oatmeal Ingredients 1 banana, cut into pieces ¼ cup oatmeal (raw) ½ cup plain or vanilla yogurt ½ cup of milk ½ tsp Honey (if yogurt is unsweetened or at will)

What is and what fresh juices !!!

Banana-chocolate mousse: only 3 ingredients!

on 100gramm — 89.16 kcal Ingredients: Fat cottage cheese — 200 g Banana — 1 pc Cocoa — 1.5 tsp.

Kefir drink for a late snack

  Total 100 grams — 58 kcal Dinner was a long time ago and hunger makes itself felt, and the load at night is not included in your plans? Prepare the cocktail! He pacify an appetite without harm to the waist! Ingredients: ● low-fat yogurt 400 ml ● Apple 3 pieces. ● Powdered cinnamon to […]

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