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Mandarin smoothies

Mandarin smoothies Ingredients: Mandarin – 2 pcs. Frozen banana – 1 pc. Milk – 1 glass Yogurt – 1/3 cup Honey – 1 tsp. Vanillin to taste

Three-layer mousse!

Three-layer mousse! Ingredients: Banana 100 g Kiwi 100 g Strawberry 100g

Smoothies with avocado and banana

Smoothies with avocado and banana Thanks to the presence of avocado, this smoothie is very satisfying, useful and, of course, very tasty! Sweetness is given by a banana and honey, and the cinnamon brings in its fragrant notes. Wonderful combination, I recommend to try! Ingredients: Avocado – 1/2 pcs. Banana – 1 pc. Milk – […]

Apple smoothies

Apple smoothies Ingredients: 1 PC. Bananas 70 g Light grapes 2 pcs. Kiwi 1 tbsp. L.Chay Green 1 PC. An Apple

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