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Diet Hot energy banana

Diet Hot energy banana 100 gr. / 64 kcal Milk 1 l, Bananas 2 pieces., Cinnamon in sticks 1 pc., Nutmeg to taste. Cocoa 1 teaspoon.

Fat-burning drink made of honey and cinnamon.

Fat-burning drink made of honey and cinnamon. The mixture is prepared in the evening before bedtime. Take it to the wall, so as not to lose it.

Cocktails Healthy Protein Smoothies

Cocktails Healthy Protein Smoothies Yield: 1 smoothie Calories per serving: 364 and 24 grams protein  Ingredients 1 cup Almond Milk Plus Protein, divided (I used So Delicious brand with 5g added protein) 1/4 cup quick oats 1 (5.3) oz Strawberry or Blueberry Nonfat Greek Yogurt 1/2 overripe banana, chilled 1/2 cup fresh blueberries, chilled 5-6 […]

Fitness Multivitamin fresh.

Fitness Multivitamin fresh. Such fresh consists of ingredients that excrete toxins best, purify the liver and intestines, and also cope with everyday fatigue. Ingredients: 1 uncleaned apple 1свекла 2 carrots 4 leaves of spinach 1 celery root

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