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Smoothies Anti-flu

Smoothies Anti-flu In such a changeable weather, it is very easy to catch a cold and spoil the rest of the summer with illness. In order to avoid this, we offer you a simple and tasty cocktail for prevention Ingredients: Lemon — 1 pc. Banana (large, ripe) — 3 pcs. Kiwi (ripe) — 3 pieces.

Smoothies of kiwi

Smoothies of kiwi Ingredients: Kiwi fruit — 4 pcs. Natural yoghurt — 250 g Freshly squeezed orange juice (1 large orange) — ½ cup Honey — 1 tbsp. L. Ice — 1 glass

Drink fitness — ginger lemonade!

Drink fitness — ginger lemonade! Per 100gram — 32.11 kcal Ingredients: — two large lemons — a piece of ginger root (about 10-15 cm) — a glass of sugar substitute — two liters of chilled drinking water.

Kefir cocktail fat burning 

Kefir cocktail fat burning on 100gramm — 58.67 kcal Ingredients: kefir glass (0.1-2.5% fat) half dining cinnamon, half tablespoon ginger a pinch of red pepper Preparation: Everything is mixed. It is recommended to drink in the morning and before bedtime. What is the effect of this cocktail? It speeds up the metabolism and brings excess product […]

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