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10 Best Summer DRINKS

10 Best Summer DRINKS 1. A cocktail of watermelon INGREDIENTS: ● watermelon pulp 1 ● 100 ml ‘Sprite’ ● a quarter of lemon ● 1 tsp sugar cane (for one portion) PREPARATION: Mix all ingredients in a blender, then pour the contents received into a glass or a wine glass and add ice. 2. Mint […]

Banana smoothie with oatmeal

Banana smoothie with oatmeal Ingredients 1 banana, cut into pieces ¼ cup oatmeal (raw) ½ cup plain or vanilla yogurt ½ cup of milk ½ tsp Honey (if yogurt is unsweetened or at will)

What is and what fresh juices !!!

Banana-chocolate mousse: only 3 ingredients!

on 100gramm — 89.16 kcal Ingredients: Fat cottage cheese — 200 g Banana — 1 pc Cocoa — 1.5 tsp.

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