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Fat-burning cocktail with kiwi fruit

Fat-burning cocktail with kiwi fruit Ingredients: kiwi fruit – 1 pc. kefir – 200 ml lemon – 1 slice mint – a pair of twigs Preparation: Kiwi cut into cubes, with a slice of lemon you can not peel.

The most useful Fruit drink “Agua Fresco”

The most useful Fruit drink “Agua Fresco” Ingredients: 5 tbsp. crushed in the blender pulp of any fruit (strawberry, cantaloupe (a kind of melon), pineapple, nutmeg, watermelon or mango) 3 tbsp. water

Cocktail ‘Autumn Jazz’

Cocktail ‘Autumn Jazz’ Ingredients: Tea green (green with mint and green with blueberries) – 2 pieces Apple (green) – 2 pcs Honey – 2 tsp. Vermouth (white) – 70 g Preparation: Brew at once 2 bags of green tea in a mug (one with mint, the other with blueberries), cool. Ah, what flavor immediately fills […]

Delicious and useful mojito

Delicious and useful mojito Greens: mint, sorrel, plantain, cuff. Fruits: apple, cucumber, dates Blender. Pleasure. P / S instead of shchavlya you can still use lime =) Hello! I — blogger, love of God and people. Food — it is certainly good and well, but we must remember that in front of us waiting for […]

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