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ORANGE mulled wine

ORANGE mulled wine Ingredients for 6 servings — Dry red wine 750ml — Orange juice 500ml — Cinnamon sticks 2 pieces — Brown sugar 125g — Oranges 1 piece

The original design ideas cocktails

The original design ideas cocktails

Chocolate cocktail.

Chocolate cocktail.               (2 servings) 70 g of raw hazelnuts or almonds 300 ml water a pinch of salt 3 bananas, sliced ​​circles in advance and frozen 3-4 apricots (for softness can be soaked for 10 minutes in hot water) 2 dates or a spoonful of honey (you can […]

Smoothie with figs

Smoothie with figs Fig 4 pcs. Banana 1 pc. Almond milk 0.5 cups Vanilla Honey Flax seeds to taste

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