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Sweet balls with kiwi and nuts

Sweet balls with kiwi and nuts Ingredients: Kiwi — 3-4 pieces. Coconut (for sweets) — 150 g Coconut (for dusting) — 40 g Honey — 3 tbsp. l. Almonds or hazelnuts — 1 handful Sweet balls with kiwi and nuts Preparation: 1. Pour the almonds with boiling water for 20 minutes to release the nuts […]


ПриветVANILLARY EQUIPMENT Ingredients: Dough: 65 gr water 35 gr milk 50 gr of butter, diced 3 grams of salt and sugar 70 grams of strong flour (I take 63 grams of flour plus 4 grams of gluten) 110-115 grams of eggs

«Curd donuts»

«Curd donuts» Ingredients: 180 g cottage cheese 4 tbsp. Spoons of flour, 3 tbsp. A spoonful of sugar. Preparation: 1. Cottage cheese to mix with sugar. 2. Add the flour and knead the dough. 3. Divide the dough into slices, roll in flour and roll out the sausages. 4. Connect the ends of each sausage […]

Coconut-berry smoothies

Coconut-berry smoothies Ingredients (for 1 large portion): 🍒 1.5 cups of frozen mixed berries 🍒 1/2 cup oatmeal 🍒 1/4 cup coconut chips 🍒 1 tbsp. Honey 🍒 1 cup almond milk (plain milk) Filling: 🍇 Chia seeds 🍇 Berries 🍇 Coconut shaving 🍇 Nuts

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