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Delicate Italian dessert

Delicate Italian dessert Ingredients: — 150 g butter — 200 g of sugar — 2 bags (8 g) vanilla sugar — 500 g ricotta cheese or tender — 2 egg yolks — 200 g biskvitok «Savoyardy» — 2 tbsp cocoa — At the request of the impregnation 2-3 tbsp liqueur or rum 1. In form […]

Curd dessert with banana

Curd dessert with banana Ingredients: — 20 g of gelatin — 1.5 cups milk — 400 grams of cottage cheese

Dessert orange

Dessert orange You will need… 12 clementines 50g caster sugar 4 tbsp amaretto Amaretti biscuits to sprinkle Whole skin-on almonds, halved or roughly chopped, to sprinkle For the sponge 100g unsalted butter, softened, plus extra to grease 100g caster sugar 2 medium free-range eggs 100g self-raising flour 30g ground almonds For the custard 300ml whole milk 175ml double […]

Caramel Pancakes with apples

Caramel Pancakes with apples For the dough: 120 gr. flour 250 ml. milk 125 ml. water 50 c. Sahara

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