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Baked custard

Baked custard Ingredients: 4 eggs 110 gr. caster sugar 300ml milk 300 ml cream 1 teaspoon vanilla Grated nutmeg Boiled Fruit

Banana under a fur coat

Banana under a fur coat Banana under a fur coat – is a very tasty delicacy, which just melts in the mouth and leave no one indifferent. Ingredients:

Cold dessert

Cold dessert Ingredients: Ice cream 200g Vanilla yogurt 100-150 ml Kiwi 4 pcs. Strawberry 100g Sugar 150 g

Fruit in zephyr Cream

Fruit in zephyr Cream Gentle, sweet and sour dessert. Ingredients: Marshmallow 2 (70 g) 200 g cream 10% -20% 200 g strawberries 200 g kiwi chocolate for sprinkling

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