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Homemade apple marshmallow

  Cooking Time – 35 minutes Zephyr is similar to the purchase, but more fresh, delicious and tender! Ingredients: apple sauce – 250 g sugar (for puree and syrup) – 250 g + 475 g egg white – 1 piece agar – 8g water – 160 g vanilla sugar – 1 package icing sugar (for […]

Jelly cake with fruit

Jelly cake with fruit Ingredients: fruit; sour cream 400 ml. 100 ml of milk. sugar 200g jellies of different colors (red, green, yellow) 3 pack. gelatin 1 pak. (25g).

Original Cheese Casserole “Zebra”

Cheese Casserole “Zebra”   Ingredients:

Cottage cheese creme for children

Cottage cheese creme for children Ingredients: Fat cottage cheese (I had 25% of the market, in my opinion) – 200g Milk – 50 ml Condensed milk boiled – 0.5 cans Preparation: Using a blender, beat cheese and condensed milk until smooth. Add the milk and stir thoroughly again Curd decomposes into silicone molds. And put […]

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