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Excellent custard recipe

Excellent custard recipe Ingredients: — 1 liter of milk, -2 eggs, — one liter of sugar, -200g. Butter -4 table. Lies. Flour (with a slide), — vanilla sugar.

Cookies «Buttons»

Cookies «Buttons» Great idea! Ingredients: — 200 g of flour — 100 g of oil — 80 g of sugar — 2 yolks — 2 tsp. Vanilla sugar — 2 tsp. Cocoa powder

Buns with cinnamon «Classic Cinnabon»

Buns with cinnamon «Classic Cinnabon» Ingredients: Dough: -200 gr. Milk -11 gr. Dry yeast (or 50 gr fresh) -2 eggs -1/3 pack of margarine softened -100 gr. Sahara -600-700 gr. Flour (how much dough will take) -1 partill. Salt -1 items. Gluten (in 1 tbsp without a slide of flour gradually add a little water […]

Dessert Caramel Apples

Dessert Caramel Apples  Ingredients 10 small Granny Smith apples 1 recipe caramel, 1 (12 oz) bag milk chocolate or white chocolate chips Assorted toppings: ie oreos crushed, butterfingers crushed, macadamia nuts chopped, almonds chopped, sprinkles, marshmellows chopped 10 craft sticks   Directions Wash and dry the apples. Insert 1 craft stick into each caramel and […]

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