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Fitness casserole: Top 6 delicious recipes

Fitness casserole: Top 6 delicious recipes 1) Curd and banana casserole Ingredients: ● 400 grams of fat-free cottage cheese ● 2 eggs ● 4 bananas ● 2 tsp. cinnamon Preparation: 1. Beat cottage cheese, eggs, bananas, cinnamon in a blender (it is better to start with bananas and eggs, then add cottage cheese and cinnamon. […]

Beetroot on kefir (FOR SLIMMING)

Beetroot on kefir (FOR SLIMMING) What to cook from: Cucumbers 350 grams Beetroot 350 grams Kefir 1000 milliliters Dill 30 grams Green onions 30 grams Garlic cloves 2 pieces Salt sea ½ teaspoons The recipe for beetroot on kefir: Scrub the cucumber on a large grater. If the skin is bitter, remove it first. Raw […]

Useful Salad for slimming

Useful Salad for slimming Red cabbage-sex kochanchika, white cabbage-sex-kochanchika, carrots-2 pcs, celery 3-4 stalks, greens of dill (parsley) the more green, the more delicious, one large onion, garlic-2 teeth,

Dietary chocolate cheesecake 98 kcal

Dietary chocolate cheesecake 98 kcal per 100 g Gelatin food 15 g Cocoa powder 50 g Water 100 g Honey natural (honey) 20 g Milk 2.5% 100 g Cottage cheese 0.1% 370 g 15 g of gelatin soak with a glass of water for 30 minutes. Then drain the water from the swollen gelatin (if […]

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