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 Fitness recipes. Hot Banana energy

• 100 gr. / 64 kcal 1 liter of milk, Bananas 2 pcs. cinnamon sticks in 1 pcs. nutmeg to taste. Cocoa 1 h. spoon.

Slimming. Lettuce Cleansing Diet

Composition: Green radish – 1 piece stalks of celery – 1 bunch fresh dill, parsley – 1 bunch low-fat yogurt – 3 tablespoons

Slimming. Effective Diet stars of the French screen

French superstar screen, and not only them, helps to maintain the shape of a nutritionist and therapist Madeleine Zhestan.

Weight loss. Vegetable soup with egg.

Ingredients Herbs: parsley, green onions, celery Bulgarian pepper Peas (can be canned) boiled egg Yogurt is not greasy Carrot Olive oil You can spoon of tomato paste (it will replace the salt and give color to your soup)

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