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Cottage cheese souffle with COCOA

Paradisaic delight! INGREDIENTS: ● 100 ml of skim milk ● 300 g fat-free yogurt ● 2 tbsp. l. cocoa ● 2 tbsp. l. honey ● 20 g of gelatin ● 1 cup cold water

Air in the oven cheesecakes

  I tried another recipe syrnichkov in the oven, this time without a meal, it came super, very airy, tender and melt in your mouth, I will now preparing that way always. Most importantly, everything is done very quickly. Ingredients: curd — 200 g, vanilla — pinch, sugar — 3 tbsp, sour cream — 5 […]

Cheese soup

  Ingredients: 500 g chicken fillets 400g cream cheese 150 g rice 400 g of potatoes 150 g of carrots 150 g onion salt pepper herbs to taste

Puffs with sausage and cheese.

Ingredients The dough is flaky (plate) yeast 1 piece sausage / ham / sausage / chicken 150-200 grams 150-200 grams of cheese egg 1 piece 1-2 tbsp sesame. a spoon

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