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Pike baked in foil

Pike baked in foil Baked pike in the oven — the dish is not everyday. In ancient times it was served to the royal table and it was the decoration of the table. Pike meat is rather dense, so I decided to bake pike in foil with vegetables and lemon, as these ingredients will give […]

Mackerel baked in the oven «Creamy boat»

Mackerel baked in the oven «Creamy boat» The most delicate, juicy and aromatic mackerel, baked with cream, stuffed with vegetables and mushrooms, under a tasty, ruddy cheese crust. Ingredients: ● fresh-frozen not gutted or fresh mackerel, ● bulb, ● any vegetables (you can have a frozen mixture, I used cauliflower, pod and white beans), ● […]

Salmon with cheese

Salmon with cheese Ingredients: About kg pink salmon 200 g of cheese Mayonnaise 30% salt pepper lemon juice

Salmon baked with cheese

Salmon baked with cheese Composition: -Steen of salmon — 1,5 kg -Cartofel — 1 kg -Lucky — 6 pieces -sp — 200 g -mayonnaise

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