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#Recipe for pink salmon, baked with cheese

#Recipe for pink salmon, baked with cheese Many do not like pink salmon, as it is in itself a dry fish. But if you cook the fish for this recipe, you will see that the salmon can be really juicy and tasty.

Fish steaks with tomatoes

Fish steaks with tomatoes Ingredients: — 4 steaks of white fish (cod and haddock), weighing 200 g each — 6 tomatoes, — A sprig of fresh basil,

Fish in milk, Calories: 67 kcal per 100 g

Fish in milk Calories: 67 kcal per 100 g Ingredients: — Telapii fillets / cod / haddock or other pet fish 500g; — 100ml milk 1.5%; — Herbs to taste; — Salt, spices to taste.

Fish with Vegetables

Fish with Vegetables               For this recipe you will need: — half a glass of water — 2 tablespoons dry white wine — half a teaspoon of dried thyme — black pepper — 1 large carrot, cut into thin strips — 1 stalk of celery, cut into thin strips […]

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