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Dietary chicken meatballs stewed in tomato sauce with cabbage

  300gr. Chicken meat, 1 carrot, 1 onion. 3-4 tbsp tomato. paste 1 liter of water Pickles to taste Cabbage taste.

Dietary “Caesar”

100gramm – 100.72 kcal Ingredients: Chicken Breast 350g Rye bread 100 g What is your favorite lettuce (iceberg we) 100g Cherry tomatoes 3-4 piece. (65g) Quail eggs 4 pcs. (40 g) chicken or 1 Parmesan 30 g Salt and pepper to taste mix

Salad for slimming

  Red cabbage-floor kochanchiki, white cabbage-half kochanchiki, carrots, 2 pieces, 3-4 celery stalk, dill (parsley) The more greenery, more delicious, one large onion, garlic 2 cloves, Bank of peas. oil, vinegar, salt to taste.

Low calories. Salad with salmon

  Ingredients: ► salted salmon – 250 g ► cucumber – 3 pieces. ► boiled egg – 4 pcs. ► Green ► Sour cream

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