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Dietary recipes, FITNESS filling for pita bread roll

1. Chicken fillet, cheese, herbs, natural yoghurt. 2. A pack of cottage cheese, salt, herbs, a couple of cloves of garlic, a few spoonfuls of yogurt or low-fat sour cream. 3. Boiled breast couple cloves of garlic, a boiled egg, grated cheese, herbs, natural yoghurt. 4. Grilled mushrooms with onions, herbs and packing (200 gr.) […]

Weight Loss, Fitness, Chicken fillet, fried with Brussels sprouts

100 g — 98 kcal Ingredients: -500 G chicken (or turkey breast) -400 G of Brussels sprouts (or cauliflower, broccoli) -200 G onion -200 G carrots -salt -pepper -vegetable oil

Healthy food. Salad with squid

Ingredients (are based on a portion of lettuce) Kalmar, 60 gr. Fresh cucumber, 30 g. The stalk of celery, 25 g. Fennel, 25 gr. Zucchini, 50 oz. Ear of corn, 40 g. Edamame beans, 3 c. Red orange 15 c. The sauce of roasted on the grill orange, 15 ml Salt and black pepper to […]

Slimming. Salad with shrimp and avocado

Ingredients: Avocado — 1 pc. Prawns — 12 pcs. Lime — 1/4 pcs. Lettuce — 2 pcs. Mayonnaise — 2 tbsp. l. Red caviar — 2 tsp.. Fresh herbs — to decorate

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