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Slimming. Vegetable salad «Color»

  Ingredients: Cabbage — 200 g Cucumbers — 200 g Carrots — 100g Canned corn — ½ banks Lettuce — ½ bundle Salt — to taste Vegetable oil — to taste

Salad for bowel cleansing

  For the body does not accumulate toxins and toxins every day eat salads that clean the intestines.

Dietary and tasty chicken in a pita

(126 kcal / 100 g) Sheets of thin Armenian lavash Baked chicken breast in foil (or just chicken), 100 grams lettuce Tomatoes cucumbers Cheese 50 grams Spices, herbs of Provence, to taste For the filling you need: 15 grams of a home, natural yogurt (you can substitute sour cream) 2ch.l. soy sauce 3 st.l.adzhiki (ketchup […]

Dietary chicken meatballs stewed in tomato sauce with cabbage

  300gr. Chicken meat, 1 carrot, 1 onion. 3-4 tbsp tomato. paste 1 liter of water Pickles to taste Cabbage taste.

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