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Roast in a pot

Roast in a pot Ingredients: 8 small potatoes 3 small onions 2 small carrots 3 small pickled cucumber Some mayonnaise At will a little cheese and greens salt pepper Beef broth

Diet Cheese soup (with champignons and broccoli)

Cheese soup (with champignons and broccoli) Ingredients: Champignons – 5-7 pieces. Cheeses – 2 pcs. Broccoli – 200 g Potatoes – 1-2 pcs. Carrots – 1 pc. Salt, vegetable oil for roasting

Beetroot on kefir (FOR SLIMMING)

Beetroot on kefir (FOR SLIMMING) What to cook from: Cucumbers 350 grams Beetroot 350 grams Kefir 1000 milliliters Dill 30 grams Green onions 30 grams Garlic cloves 2 pieces Salt sea ½ teaspoons The recipe for beetroot on kefir: Scrub the cucumber on a large grater. If the skin is bitter, remove it first. Raw […]

Most tasty OPEN MEAT PIE

OPEN MEAT PIE (From potato dough) Ingredients: For the test: ● 200 g of potatoes (one large potato or two medium potatoes) ● a glass of flour ● 1 egg ● 50 butter ● salt to taste For filling: ● 400 g minced meat (I have mixed) ● 1 onion ● 150-200 g cabbage (I […]

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