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Low calories Pumpkin baskets with chicken filling

Low calories Pumpkin baskets with chicken filling For 100grams — 74.61 kcal Ingredients: Chicken fillet ~ 150-200 g Zucchini ~ 300-500 g Egg 1 piece Cheese any to taste Salt, spices, herbs to taste

Fried eggs in French

Fried eggs in French Ingredients and preparation (1-2 servings): 1 small onion (fry in oil, I use corn!) 2 small tomatoes (cut add to onions!) Fried tomatoes are very useful! 2 slices of a loaf or bread (cut into cubes) add to the fried tomatoes. 2 eggs to whip, add, pour into the pan …

Cabbage Cutlets

Cabbage Cutlets INGREDIENTS 1 kg of cabbage 1 onion 0.5 tbsp. Semolina 0.5 tbsp. Flour 2 tooth. Garlic Greens (I have dill) Cooking oil for frying breadcrumbs Salt to taste Spices to taste

Chicken fillet «Surprise», baked in foil

Chicken fillet «Surprise», baked in foil Ingredients: Chicken fillet 3 pcs. Milk 1 glass Potatoes average 6 pcs. Onions 1 pc. Tomato 2 pcs. Egg 2 pcs. Garlic 2 — 3 denticles Cheese 150 — 200 gr. Vegetable oil for lubrication of molds Mayonnaise (can be replaced with sour cream) 3 tbsp. L. Salt, pepper […]

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