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Squash omelet.

  Ingredients courgettes 2 pieces 1 cup milk eggs 4 pieces flour 1 h. spoon clove of garlic 2 pieces tomatoes 1 piece Cheese 100 grams green 50 grams

«Nest» — a gentle breakfast. In delight the whole family!

  Eggs — one of the most common foods to breakfast. And in order that they are not bothered too fast, coming up with new ways of cooking. Now everyone knows at least some of the most famous recipes: fried eggs, poached eggs, scrambled eggs, boiled egg, and others. In this recipe, the eggs cooked […]


  Interesting dish of eggs with vegetables, popular in Israel and neighboring countries. Very bright, fragrant, light and at the same time satisfying. Recipe of 4 eggs is for 2 large or 4 small servings. You will need: Onions 100g Vegetable oil 30 ml Sweet pepper red (paprika) 1 piece Garlic cloves 2 pieces Red […]

Dietary dishes. Vegetable soup with salmon.

Dietary dishes. Vegetable soup with salmon.100 g. — 56 cal.   500 gr. fresh salmon 400 gr. frozen peas

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