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Domlama – a dish of Uzbek

  Domlama – a dish of Uzbek cuisine is extremely flavorful and bright. Domlama consists of meat and vegetables stewed in their own juice. Cooking dolmama handle even a beginner cook. All You have to do is cut and fold the meat with the vegetables in the cauldron. This dish is perfect for a large […]

Chopped steak in Holstein

  Ingredients: Minced beef and pork – 400 g Onions – 6 PCs. Greens – 50 g Eggs chicken – 5 PCs. Green onions – 50 g Butter Salt Pepper Paprika



Spaghetti with shrimp and garlic sauce

  Ingredients: Spaghetti — 350 g Garlic — 2-3 cloves Peeled shrimp — 300 g Heavy cream or sour cream — 200 g Tomato optional — 1 item Hard cheese — 50 g Salt, spices, pepper — to taste

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