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Pork knuckle baked until golden brown

Pork knuckle baked until golden brown   with fried potatoes and braised sauerkraut will be a wonderful decoration of the holiday table! Ingredients: Pork knuckle – 1.5 kg (1 piece) Beer light – 500 ml Fresh Rosemary – 4 sprigs Fresh thyme – 15g Pepper – 1st. l Allspice – 1st. l Salt to taste […]

Gluten-Free Recipe – Bottom Round Pot Roast Recipe

Bottom round is a lean cut of beef which makes a delicious, economical pot roast when cooked slowly at low heat. Don’t overcook and slice thinly for really good eating.

Rabbit stew

  Ingredients: Butter – 60 g rabbit carcass – 1.5 kg Small mushrooms – 300 g White wine – 100 ml Chicken broth – 200 ml Bouquet garni (dry herbs) Olive oil – 90 ml The leaves of sage Cream – 150 ml The yolk – 2 pcs.

Unusual barbecue recipe

  Ingredients for barbecue in the bank pork meat (steak) – 1 kg bacon – 250 g onions – 2-3 pieces. juice of ½ lemon Water – 100 mL salt pepper coriander

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