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Dry-cured delicacy

  Ingredients: For high quality dry-cured delicacy,you need: 1 pork tenderloin; 100; all kinds of spices; flaky sea salt.

Meat with prunes

  Ingredients: 200-250g onions, 1 large carrot, 600g of beef, 1 handful of prunes, 2/3-1 h spoon salt

Secrets of delicious meat

  1. Meat will become more tender, if an hour before cooking it to moisten with vodka. 2. If the meat pour soy sauce and leave to marinate overnight, then a subsequent frying it will be very juicy. 3. Beef, lamb, will be much softer and juicy, if before baking a piece of meat salt, […]

Pork in a spicy sauce

  Ingredients: Pork — 500 g Sesame oil — 2-3 tbsp Pepper — 1 PC. Mandarin — 1 PC. Ginger — 2 cm Chilli sauce — 250 g Cinnamon — 1 tsp. Ginger powder — 1 tsp

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