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Pork medallions with prunes

  Ingredients: Meat pork 2 piece; Olive oil 1 tbsp; Butter 3 tbsp; Onion 1 piece; Carrots 1 PC; Thyme 1 sprig; Bay leaf 1 piece; White wine 1 Cup; Beef broth 1 Cup; Cream 1 Cup; Prunes (pitted) 1 Cup;


  INGREDIENTS : • 1 kg. chicken thigh (boneless) • 7-8 cloves of garlic • 0.5 teaspoon black pepper (ground) • 0.5 tsp. chicken seasoning ( I will write about what to include: salt, paprika, sugar, mustard seeds, turmeric) • 2 tbsp mayonnaise • 15 gr. gelatin

Ribeye steak in a pan

  Ribeye steak in the pan takes a few minutes. To prepare it you need only spices and oil. And adding a little wine, you can prepare the sauce. Steak ribeye with vegetables. Ribeye steak pan-fried quickly and easily. Most importantly — don’t pierce it, and not to reduce the temperature. Besides salt and pepper, […]

Pork ribs on the grill

  Ingredients: Pork ribs — 2.5 Kgs Ketchup — 1 Cup Juice — 0.5 Cup (pomegranate or cherry) Wine vinegar — 2 tbsp. spoon Honey — 2 Tbsp. spoon Vegetable oil — 4 Tbsp. spoon Garlic — 3 Cloves Salt — to taste Pepper — to taste

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